one time I almost killed a man

Guys I love taking walks. There’s just something about walking that is just so great. The only frustrating part about walking is that every time I try to get something to represent my hobby of walking, like if I wanted to get a charm that’s a pair of sneakers for my charm bracelet, people assume that I like running, and that cannot be further from the truth. I’m really self-conscious about the way I run, because a lot of people used to tell me that I look really weird when I run. Like, not the other students, but the teachers. They’d be like “Laura what are you doing stop messing around” and I had to be like no this is just what my body looks like!!!

But I love a good walk. Sometimes when I go out for a walk, I mean to just do a short casual walk, and I end up walking four miles. That’s how much I love walking. Even in the winter time, where I’m threatened with death because of my cold allergy, I still go out and do a bit of walking. It’s so nice to just look like you’re going somewhere, even when you’re not (metaphorically and physically).

So that brings me to one of the moments in which I almost caused the death of a man because it started out as any other lonely walk through Boston. I had taken many of them, and I think I will continue to because they’re just really nice (see above paragraphs)!

So I was walking. Did I set up the fact that I was walking enough? It was a pleasant walk! I was minding my own business, just taking a walk.

me, minus the family and the racial ambiguity.

There are a lot of bikers where I live. At the time, it was really nice outside and we weren’t living in the frozen ice tundra that grips the city of Boston 9 months out of the year, and it was great and everyone was having a grand time.

But where I was walking didn’t have a bike lane, so that means that sometimes bikers are on the sidewalk, which doesn’t bother me so much cause, like, I don’t want anyone to die. Not really. And especially not bikers. I feel like they’re usually pretty okay people. I have yet to meet a biker that I didn’t like, you know? I’m a fan of socially conscious and fit people.

So I was walking and a man on a bike comes up behind me and as a courtesy to me says, “on your left ma’am” and I immediately turn around and shriek in fear at his face.

I don’t know why this scared me so much. Perhaps I have some kind of subconscious fear of bikes that psychoanalysis has yet to uncover. Maybe I’m simply overly paranoid in public because society teaches women to be constantly watching for threats on our life. Maybe it was because he called me “ma’am.” EITHER WAY it was the wrong reaction to have and so this man was also very shocked.

He jumped in fear which cause him to fall off of his bike in this narrow sidewalk, and then tumbled into the street WHERE CARS TYPICALLY ARE. Thankfully, there weren’t any this time, but what if there were? Would I have jumped out to save this man I didn’t even know? Probably, I am very brave. I think about this like once every 3 months or so.

But instead he just got up, ignored me apologizing profusely and falling over myself feeling really bad for making him fall off of his bike and just pedaled away. Which I respect, because he doesn’t owe me anything.

The creepiest part is that I saw in the paper that this man did die only 2 days later in a freak accident at an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Shop.

that halo is over more than just pretzels now

I’m kidding I have no idea what happened to this guy but that’d be really strange but kinda cool right?



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