it’s a post about nothing (classic)

I have a had a strange day you guys. Here are some of my thoughts for today.

I was out and about town, as a woman does, and I was sexually harassed on the street NOT TO BRAG or anything, and ever since I’ve been wondering how many layers do I need to wear to just become invisible to the male gender entirely.


What’s the most common time of day to get murdered? Like when do the majority of murders occur? Is it actually nighttime because I used to have to walk to work at about 4:30 in the morning and I was never murdered and that seems seriously like it would be the prime time to get murdered.

If all the murderers are awake at night though, when do they all sleep?

Does this have anything to do with vampires?

I’ve been tracking my menstrual (took my 5 tries to spell this right but WE GOT THERE) cycle with an app on my phone cause we live in a post-feminist world and technology is developed to fit my needs and I got an alert today that my “cycle is about to begin” and I have literally never felt more afraid in my life. I know you’re supposed to track it exactly so you get a little heads up for when you’re going to bleed everywhere for a few days, but holy shit now I’m just paranoid. I feel like a hit has been taken out on me and I’m just waiting for it.

But the assassin is inside of me.

If I could trade places with anyone it would be Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms and the Sia music videos because who the fuck else am I gonna be?

I feel so weird today because I took a nap which was a horrible mistake and I regret it so much because I only saw the sun for a couple hours 😦

But I get so cold that I just want to not be shaking for a couple hours so I get in bed and then I just fall asleep.

I take so many showers because I’m like “please dear god just let me not be chilled to the fucking bone for 20 minutes please help me”

Alright that’s it for today tomorrow will be better I promise do me a favor and click around for a while and make feel like someone would notice if I died.



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