1. Yes to Tomatoes face wipes yestomatoes HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS this stuff is pretty great. Now I’m not lying when I say that my skin is usually pretty okay with minimal upkeep. I have been blessed with a natural gorgeous body, hair, and skin, but sometimes shit would go down. Especially chin acne up the wazoo. It sucked and I hated it. BUT NOW I HAVE THESE!! I’ve tried face wipes/make up remover wipes before but they were always so fucking harsh on my skin!!! I might as well have been rubbing fucking sandpaper on my face. It was horrible and it hurt so bad always. These guys are so super gentle and they’re even fine for your eyes (yOUR EYES!!!) so you can get eyeliner off and it’s just generally the bomb. Frankly, my skin has never looked fucking better and I feel like I owe a lot to the tomato now. Which is also a great fruit and probably my favorite fruit of ALL TIME. 2. St. Ives Body Wash standingstives ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT TO WASH YOURSELF WITH I fucking love to exfoliate – it makes my skin feel like 700 thread count sheets. It is incredible. But sometimes exfoliators are so fucking rough and make me want to die. Enter this stuff!!!! It exfoliates, but it’s gentle enough to use every day!!!! Amazing. Life is incredible. This makes showering feel like I’m really scrubbing off all the shit off of my body and it feels great. 3. My next December favorite was just the general dread and malaise that comes with graduating college and the holiday season and just being completely dead inside. sadness_by_s1yk I HATE WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT SADNESS IS MY FAVORITE FEELING!!!!!!!!! 4. Break Free by Ariana Grande ArianaGrande_BreakFree How late am I on this song? I don’t care. It’s incredible. Ariana Grande is slowly growing on me, and if they make a music video for the Nicki Minaj song she features on, Get on Your Knees, I may just die. Her voice used to annoy me, but this song makes me wanna be like “yeah I am BREAKING FREE!” ps “I only wanna die alive” is a great tattoo to get on your underboob. 5. Cooking Fever cookingfever Nothing has made me feel like a capitalistic greed machine than Cooking Fever. It’s a game for your iPhone that turns simple people in to chefs and those chefs into monsters. I’m at a point in the game where you can only advance by upgrading items with gems, but they won’t give me gems until I level up. This vaguely Asian woman taunts me EVERY DAY and doles out meager daily rewards of two gems, and then makes me pay 15 (FIFTEEN) gems to upgrade a goddamn soup pot. This game has wasted so much of my time but it also has the added benefit of helping me avoid thinking about my inevitable death. 6. Serial serial-social-logo Murder! Mystery! Kinda some racism! Serial has it all! Everyone else was obsessed with Serial, so I got obsessed with Serial too. For the record, I pretty much agree with every single criticism that’s been made about this show, but I still fucking loved it. This is recommended for people who still have some faith in the world because this will crush all of that immediately. 7. My Bachelors Degree istock_000015935079small Man, applying to part time jobs and telling them I have completed a bachelors degree feels GREAT!! What were some of your favorites last month gang?? How did you keep yourself from thinking life’s big questions and then being overwhelmed by them and crying yourself to sleep? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS! <33


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