Laura Deans: Where are they now???

You know her from old classics, like playing oboe in the high school band and refusing to slow dance with her prom date.  But where are all your old favorite Laura Deans now? We checked in and we found some things you would expect, and maybe some things that would surprise you!

Angry Laura

Laura is still so incredibly angry, which we all totally saw coming! Though instead of focusing all of her anger on herself, she tends to hate more abstract concepts like people who hate Britney Spears and men. Typically she funnels her anger into a series of incoherent tweets or sarcastic Facebook status updates, except when she’s jealous, in which case she writes “WHY” in her diary over and over again. Typical Laura, right?

Desperately Attention Seeking Laura

Still very much present, attention seeking Laura is learning to adapt to being alone almost all of the time. Is she more desperate than in the past? It’s hard to say, but we can be sure that the answer is yes. Right now, Laura spends most of her time trying to figure out how to turn every opportunity into a moment of “PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME.” Just look at what she’s doing right now! Crazy, right? And when she’s not doing that, she’s poorly managing her money on the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app, buying expensive clothes when she should be saving up to buy a vacation home. She plans to keep playing until her avatar dies, because do people follow or unfollow someone when they die?

Gorgeous as Hell Laura

Now she is doing great. Cute as heck, rocking that t-shirt/no bra style like nobody’s damn business. Would we expect anything less?


That Weird Girl Laura


Fitness Laura

The other day Laura went for a two mile run and now she feels like dying. Never fully maturing beyond infancy, fitness Laura struggles to complete simple activities, like bending her legs properly and feeding herself things that aren’t mini Twix bars. This will probably the last time we ever see her, despite thoughts to the contrary. So cool we got this rare glimpse while we could!

Independent Laura

Present solely due to necessity, Independent Laura is doing great despite the circumstances. Last night, she got drunk independently of anyone around her and shouted at the Queen of Versailles documentary alone her room. So chic!


It just goes to show that no matter where the Laura go or what they’re doing, they’ll still always be our classic faves! Who was your #laurafave? Do you like the timeless Sensitive About the Stretchmarks on her Thighs but Hates Feeling Bad About Them Because It Show’s She Is Manipulated by the Patriarch Laura? Or the long gone My Chemical Romance Fan Laura? Either way, you can be sure she’s left rotting mac and cheese on her bedside table. (thumbs up emoji)



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