Monthly Archives: November 2013

Dear Blog,

I’ve been avoiding you. I avoided you long enough that the “open letter” joke is now so irrelevant it’s not even funny, but I’m using it anyway, because it may have circled back to being funny again.

Truth is, I miss you. It’s been too long.

Every day I think of something that could make a good blog post, I feel sad because I don’t write on you any more. It was a great summer when I had all this time and very little worry, but now I’m back in school and writing projects that I have to do for grades have taken over my life.

But so much has happened! I live in an apartment now! There was a while when my lights couldn’t turn off and all those moments are just squandered. I suppose I can revisit those moments retroactively, but I don’t even know if it matters anymore.

My life is in shambles without you, blog. Granted, it’s in shambles with you as well, but at least I can be kind of funny about it and not feel like dying in a wasteland of nothingness.

Was that overdramatic? You seem to inspire that in me, blog.

And, as always, I’m terrified to set a schedule, because I’m going to ruin that about ten minutes after I post it, and I don’t want to write another sad, open letter to you, apologizing for all the days I had promised something and you got nothing.

But I want to hang out with you more. It was fun, and cool, and I think we both had a good time. This shit is hard to figure out! You’re so lucky, you’re just a blog. You don’t have to deal with things like not getting a job, or not having money, or being overwhelmed by the amount of shampoo and conditioner options at CVS.

Let’s get in trouble again. Let’s be reckless. Remember when everyone in high school hated me because of what I posted on a blog? Let’s be terrible together again.

I’m kidding. I think people already hate me, for the most part, a blog isn’t really going to change that.


That was more for me than for you, blog, but whatever.

I’m going to try this out again for a week, and we’ll see how it goes.

I hope this dear experiment goes well.

I love you.

❤ phlegmmy