whose space is it? myspace.

Despite the title, this post has nothing to do with MySpace. But I will say that I was on MySpace for a very small portion of my life and it was mostly to talk to my Internet friends who I met in an AIM chatroom for fans of a Harry Potter podcast (Mugglecast, if for some reason you’re wondering which one). It goes without saying they were my only friends. By which I mean they were my only friends on MySpace. But also yeah they were my only friends in real life too.

Side note to that half side note: the people I met online (mostly girls who were a couple years older than me) would Skype a lot and this was back in the old days when Skype was just audio because no one had webcams. That detail is in no way relevant to this story, but anyway once I was Skyping with this girl and we were talking about something I don’t remember, but for some reason she brought up relationships and I was like “No, yeah, I’m single” and we talked a bit and then she just said, “It’s so  awkward when people assume you’re straight.”

And I remember FREEZING because in my head I was like “what the fuck I am totally not gay at all” and I had no reason to believe this girl was anything in terms of sexuality but I had no idea what to say and I just remember being like, “Um, yeah. That would be weird.”

And that’s all I remember. So anyway yeah sometimes people you never meet in real life can see right through the straight facade you don’t even know you’re putting up at age 14.

SERIOUSLY anyway I’m writing this blog post to talk to you all about something that could potentially affect my future very much so please take this seriously (the fact that so many of you have already geared yourself up for something completely ridiculous that has no actual affect (effect? I always fuck this up GUESS WHAT I stopped caring about actual grammar about a year ago go ahead, blame it on Twitter, everyone else does) on my life is I think really reflective of my personality and maybe even possibly my writing style as a whole, if I can even say really that I have a “style” per-say since I’m still quite young and discovering my own place within the writing community as a whole).

I can buy the actual domain name of this website for $18. Would it be worth it? You guys have been reading this blog for so long now (if this is your first one then hey welcome what a doozy you’ve stumbled upon am I right? Check this one out, I was reading it one night at 4 am and I laughed AT  MY FUCKING SELF so you’re sure to enjoy it) is this something you can see yourself reading in a year?

Is this going to propel me into Internet fame? Am I going to look back on this post and laugh?

The thing is, if I invest money into this, I’m going to have to really step up my game.

Everyone says I should post pictures in my blogs to make them more readable. And make the text, like, different an interesting. I just, like, don’t want to do that you guys. Is the no pictures thing really a big deal? Should I add in some of my Instagrams?

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 4.08.44 AM

a modern romance

Honestly, this blog gets more views than I have followers on my Instagram account (not that much more let’s not get ahead of ourselves), a fact which I’m proud of and also ashamed of, so I don’t really know if pictures are the way to go here.

Or maybe I need to ask you more questions?? This one fucking post would probably cover me for an entire year. All the blogs about blogging tell me that I should ask questions to get y’all to comment but most of the time I’m like, “yo who I gotta blow to get a comment on my blog.”

(For the record there’s, like, maybe two people on this Earth that I would give a blow job to and both those blow jobs would be terrible.)

Regardless of what anyone tells me, I’m probably just going to go ahead and do it and we’ll see how it goes, y’know? What’s $20? See I say that and then I remember that $20 is two Chipotle burritos for me and then I just get distracted.

Of course I’ll thank all of you on twitter when my blog gets turned into a book and then that book gets turned into a Netflix original series, don’t worry.


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