an intro of sorts: me me me

Guys. I’m a reserved sort of person, mostly. Except for the one time I screamed at the television during the Video Music Awards last year about how much I hated Green Day (I can’t even get into that right now, I am not in the right headspace at all), I keep mostly to myself.

But now that I’m home (see: my parents house) for the summer and none of my friends are here to either roll their eyes at me or let me screech out another drunken rant at them, I’m blogging. I hate that word, and I hate the word “blogger” even more, but as someone that had a LiveJournal from the tender age of 14 and graduated slowly to ruining her life through exposing way too much of her personal affairs on the Internet, I feel as though I have to return to my roots.

There is definitely some kind of salmon metaphor here but it’d be reaching a little bit, you know?

So, I don’t really know what this is going to consist of. I want to write about Mad Men and Breaking Bad (when it comes back) and I want to write about writing and books and nail polish and other crap I like. I want to write about gay things, and I’m not being flip, I actually want to talk about homosexuality and Tegan & Sara. It’ll be fun. We’ll learn a lot about each other (me) and we’ll discuss really important things (me) and we can all cuddle together in a collected space of blogged togetherness (me me me).

I’m usually not completely terrible at keeping blogs (mostly because I love talking about myself and it gives me a little bit of instant satisfaction and I can get away with gratuitous use of parentheses because heyoo judgmental fellow writing students you can’t say anything WHO’S THE VOICELESS VICTIM OF CRITICISM NOW) so hopefully y’all can refresh this in, say, a week and there will be crap to occupy yourself with for weeks (again, because I’m self-centered).

Also, quick note on the title: it was just something¬†slightly clever that I came up with once upon a time and the URL I wanted to use was taken so here we are. It’s also possible that I stole it from somewhere, but let’s just give me all the credit.

Okay, I love you all, you are beautiful, just hang around for a little while why don’t ya?


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